2019-20 New Student Information

Front of Jacob Wismer School

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are excited to welcome you and your family to our Jacob Wismer Elementary School community!  Please be sure to mark your calendar for our optional New Family Self-Guided Tour on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 from 10:00-11:00am.  

To enroll your child, you will need to complete the Beaverton School District online registration form:  >  Families  >  Enrollment  >  Enrolling Your Child

We will also need you to return the following items and forms to our school office to complete your child's enrollment:

  • A current utility bill to verify that you live in Jacob Wismer's attendance boundaries.  Here is a link to the interactive school locator map to see if your address is in our attendance boundary:  Link
  • Your child's birth certificate or passport to verify your child's age and appropriate grade assignment.  Please note:  Your child must be five years old on or before September 1, 2019 to enroll in kindergarten for the 2019-20 school year.
  • Immunization records*  Your child's immunization records can be uploaded with their online registration or you can bring a a hard copy into the school office.
  • Dental screen certification form* (kindergarten & 1st grade only) The State of Oregon requires this form to be filled out and placed in every kindergarten and 1st grade student's cumulative file.
  • Request for student records form* (1st through 5th grades only) This request will be mailed to your child's previous school in order to obtain their academic records.
  • Parent questionnaire* This is an internal Jacob Wismer form that will help us understand your child a little better to help with their transition to a new school.
  • Pre-kindergarten assessment form* This brief assessment form will be given to our kindergarten teachers.  Full assessments will be given when your child begins school. 
  • Student dismissal plan (submit form online; see link below)-For safety, please complete the online student dismissal plan before your child begins school at Jacob Wismer.  A new form must be submitted when there is a permanent change.  Complete the "Single Day Dismissal Change" form if there is a temporary, one-day dismissal change.

*Forms are located below.  Please download, print, complete and bring them to the school office.

Other important information about Jacob Wismer can be found in these locations:

  • Jacob Wismer School website at
  • Our school handbook located on our school website under "About Us"
  • Jacob Wismer Journal (parent newsletter published every two weeks and posted on our website)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us our school office at 503-356-2150 or email one of our secretaries:  Lori Secker at or Kelly Cruickshank at

Welcome to Jacob Wismer!

Forms & Information

Dental Screen Certification Form (kindergarten & 1st grade only)

State law now requires a child who is 7 years of age or younger to have a dental screening before entering school for the first time.  HB 2972 (2015)

Link to download Oregon Department of Education dental screening certification form:  

English Form Screening Cert/Opt-out

Request for Student Records (1st through 5th grades only)

Parents/Guardians of Incoming 1st-5th Grade Students:

Please click on the link below to access our "request for student records" form.  After completing and signing the form, please give bring it into our school office.  We will send the form to your child's previous school to obtain their student records.  Thank you.


Parent Questionnaire (all grade levels)

Parents/Guardians of Incoming Jacob Wismer students:

Please click on the link below to access our "Welcome to Jacob Wismer" form.  After downloading, printing and completing a hard copy of the form, please bring it into our school office along with your other paperwork.  Thank you!


Pre-Kindergarten Assessment Form (kindergarten only)

Parents/Guardians of Incoming Kindergarten Students,

Please click on the link below to access our "Pre-Kindergarten Assignment/Assessment" form.  Download and complete a hard copy of the form and then return the form to our school office.


Oregon Certificate of Immunization Form (all grade levels)

Oregon law requires proof of immunization be provided or an exemption be signed prior to a child's attendance at school. 

The immunization form can be accessed on this link (it can also be uploaded on the online registration):  Link 

Dismissal Plan-Must be completed before the student's first day.

Student Dismissal Plan

Instructions:  Please click on the link next to the 2019-20 grade level of your child to complete their online dismissal plan.  For safety, a dismissal plan is required for each Jacob Wismer student.  Thank you for your help!

Kindergarten: Link

1st Grade: Link

2nd Grade: Link

3rd Grade: Link

4th Grade: Link

5th Grade:  Link

Lunch, Breakfast & Snacks

Lunch, Breakfast & Snack Information

Students are welcome to bring a lunch from home or purchase a lunch in our cafeteria.  Lunches cost $3.05.  Breakfast is also served and costs $1.45.  Extra milk price:  .50

Parents should sign up for SchoolCafe' (link) if they plan on having their child purchase a school lunch anytime during the school year.  School Cafe' allows parents to:

  • Make Payments
  • Set up Auto Pay
  • View Menus
  • Get Low Balance Alerts
  • View Purchases

Students may also bring snacks to school to eat in their classrooms.  Your child's classroom teacher will tell you if there are any restrictions due to allergies as well as their classroom guidelines for snacks.  Teachers will also be able to tell you if they would like their students to bring water bottles to school.

Here is the link to the 2019-20 Confidential Family Application for Free & Reduced Meals for those who are interested:  Link

For more information about school meals, please visit Beaverton School District's Nutrition Services page:  Link