3rd Grade Wax Museum 6.4.19

Our 3rd Grade Wax Museum is a wonderful Jacob Wismer tradition that students look forward to when they enter third grade.  After choosing a famous person to research, students write their biographies and then create speeches about them in first person.  The unit culminates in a final Wax Museum presentation where they portray their person as a wax figure that "comes alive" when a visitor approaches and steps on their "button." The student recites, often by memory, the speech they've prepared.  Below are two video examples as well as several photographs from our June 4th Wax Museum.  Enjoy! 

Wax Museum: Jane Goodall Portrayal

Wax Museum: Neil Armstrong Portrayal

Student dressed as Mahatma Ghandi
Student dressed as a painter
Student dressed as Albert Einstein
Student dressed as Amelia Earhart
Student dressed as Cleopatra
Student dressed as Revolutionary War soldier
3rd Grade student with mustache
Student dressed as an Egyptian
Student dressed as Indian woman
Student posing as an astronaut