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School Supply List

School supplies

First page of the PDF file: schoolsupply

 ~ School Supplies  $30 per student for 2023/24 school year ~

No need to purchase individual supplies!

This year, we are gathering all of our extra supplies together and will be encouraging teachers to use what they need from our existing storage before purchasing additional school supplies. (We are working hard to reduce our waste!)
Because many teachers also require specific items, we are following the example of many of our neighboring school communities and asking for a financial contribution in lieu of actual supplies for each child for the 2023-2024 school year. This will be $30/child with scholarships available for anyone who needs it.
Please submit payment through our online payment system between August 1-30. Thank you!   


  • Payments made to:  ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM
  • $30 -per student covers all supplies.
  • Due between August 1, 2023 - August 30. 2023 

If you have any questions using the online payment system, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 503-356-2150 or send us a message at:  Contact JW