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Students playing violins

Music Learning Targets for K-5

1. Music Concepts & Skills-I can demonstrate an understanding of grade level music concepts and skills.

AST 1.1 - Sing, Perform, Move: I can sing, perform on instruments, and move, alone and with others, for a variety of purposes and with a varied repertoire.
AST 1.2 - Improvise, Compose, Arrange Music: I can improvise, compose, or arrange music.
AST 1.3 - Musical Symbols: I can read, understand, and use musical symbols.
AST 1.4 - Listen, Analyze, Describe, Evaluate: I can listen to, analyze, describe, and evaluate music.
AST 1.5 - Connections: I can make historical, cultural and artistic connections between music and the other arts, and between music and disciplines outside the arts.

2. Effort, Collaboration-I can demonstrate best effort and collaborate respectfully.

AST 2.1 - Behavior: I follow school rules and use appropriate behaviors.
AST 2.2 - Respect: I am respectful.
AST 2.3 - Follow Instructions: I follow instructions and music room procedures.
AST 2.4 - Work Cooperatively: I work cooperatively with others.
AST 2.5 - Participation and Persistence: I participate in lessons and show persistence when tasks are challenging.