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The academic success of America’s youth is strongly linked with their health. Health literacy is essential for preparing students to be healthy and productive members of our society.

Health education is achieved through a partnership of all stakeholders: teachers, students, families, administrators, schools, and community.  The task of the Beaverton School District is to create a learning environment in which all students are valued for their diversity, fostered in their wellness development, challenged, and motivated to continue learning and leading a healthy lifestyle throughout their lifetime.

The current Health curriculum was adopted by the School Board on May 14, 2018.  The adoption process followed the procedures outlined in the Instructional Materials Selection Administrative Regulation II/IIA-AR.


Instructional Resources

There are two adopted resources used to teach the health standards, Fight Child Abuse and The Great Body Shop. is the Board adopted instructional resource to teach the Sexual Abuse Prevention Learning Targets (Erin's Law).
The following videos are used to teach these Learning Targets:
Grades K-3:
Grades 4-5:
The following Lessons are used to teach these Learning Targets:
*      *      *

The Great Body Shop 

The Great Body Shop is the Board adopted instructional resource to teach the BSD Elementary Health Learning Targets.

If parents/guardians would like to preview the lessons from The Great Body Shop, email your child's teacher with the request and they will share instructions on how to create your own account in order to access the resources.

The below grade level BSD Elementary Health Scope & Sequences include all of the lessons and activities that are taught from The Great Body Shop. Teachers may teach lessons from the core curriculum that are not included on this Scope & Sequence but are instructed to not go beyond the scope of the grade level curriculum or standards during instruction, including private conversations with students.

BSD Elementary Health Scope and Sequence

Health Learning Targets

Exemption from Instruction (Opting-Out)

According to Oregon Law (OAR Rule 581-022-1440), parents can opt their children out of any or all sexuality education components. However, parents cannot opt their children out of the entire health curriculum without written documentation of a religious or disability-related reason.

After previewing materials, if a parent/guardian would like to excuse their child from instruction, email the student’s teacher and school principal notifying them from which lesson/s you would like your child to be opted out.

Comprehensive Health Education Guide

Health Curriculum Documents